The artwork becomes a muse to create timeless ceramic surfaces A tribute to marble and to its veined patterns Me_Tra Fusion of materials for a charming reflections combination This slate-inspired collection, dedicated to floors and walls in modern settings Developments in style originate from the timeless appeal of wood, to lend ceramics personality and versatility. It's versatility is two-fold, applying to both indoor and outdoor settings The strongest feature of this strikingly original series is the bold tones of the stone

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Design your own 3D space with this powerful and easy Online tool that contains a selected choice of covering materials from Sichenia which provides all the features to give a realistic view of any room.

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The natural color of parquet, along with the functionality of porcelain stoneware


The unmistakable elegance of the finest marble and ceramic resistance


The charm and style of urban surfaces, but with more advantages.

Outdoor 20mm

High thickness for exterior designs. Beyond the limits in total safety and with versatility.


Advanced technology and environmental protection

Preserving the environment and respecting the concepts of eco-compatibility have always been essential factors for Sichenia.

The excellence of “Made in Italy”

Made in Italy does not only indicate the origin of the product. Made in Italy is the perfect synthesis of the values that are part of a population that has always been exposed to and ready to experience and embrace the beauty of its land.