Harmonious balance between natural elegance and structural strength of porcelain stoneware

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Heavy commercial, Hotels, House, Light commercial, Outdoor residential areas, Spa, Urban outdoor,

The structural strength of porcelain stoneware comes alive with natural elegance of matter to design a collection of stone-effect tiles for contemporary architecture. An innovative surface combines past and present in Bianco, Antracite, Grigio and Taupe, in five different sizes and three finishes for indoor and outdoor solutions.


60×120 (24”x48”)
60×90 (24”x36”)
60×60 (24”x24”)
30×60 (12”x24”)


30×60,5 (12”x24”)

Catalog: Archea
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Archea Antracite

Archea Bianco

Archea Grigio

Archea Taupe