Pavé Ar_gent


The Colour Range

Ar_gent is a versatile project, with neutral tones and infinite laying solutions for contemporary, minimal and refined architecture.
It is inspired by the natural beauty of Limestone Argent, one of the most elegant Limestones from the Iberian Peninsula. This appealing rendition of the stone surface brings to life the graphical elements that feature soft 3D effects, light reflections and small flecks. The result is an elegant but informal reinterpretation of stone that celebrates the charm of imperfection.
The collection is available in 7 formats and 4 colours, Ash, Cream, Dark and Greige, that instantly give depth to the structure by emphasizing its natural elegance. The collection is also enriched by a range mosaics and is available in two surface finishes.
To guarantee multipurpose use, Sichenia has enriched the collection with a state-of-the-art nanotechnology called Soft Grip: it is smooth to the touch but at the same time maintains anti-slip properties.
In addition to 10mm and 20mm, Sichenia has also launched the new 14mm thickness: a product with high-end technical features that is extremely resistant.
Once again, Sichenia has developed a comprehensive collection that stands out for its wide range of formats, of thicknesses, elegance of colors and depth of textures. All those features allow “IN” & “OUT” applications, both on floors and on walls for residential and commercial projects.


OUTDOOR 10mm – 14mm

22,5×45 (8”¾x17” ¾)
22,5×22,5 ((8”¾x8”¾)

Pavé Ar_gent Ash

Pavé Ar_gent Cream

Pavé Ar_gent Dark

Pavé Ar_gent Greige