Pavé Wall Dolmen

Age-old forms and traditions meet contemporary style in today’s tiling

The Colour Range

Examples of applications suggested

Hotels, House, Light commercial, Outdoor residential areas, Spa, Urban outdoor,

Shapes and ancient traditions meet a contemporary style in porcelain stoneware cobblestone surfaces that recall the stone-effect in a strong and material structure. Flooring and coverings for indoor and outdoor residential environments are defined with originality by the two shapes and neutral but decided colors: Bianco, Nero, Fumo, Corda, Savana and Mattone.


22,5×45 (8”55/64×17”23/32)
11×45 (4”5/16×17”23/32)

Pavé Wall Dolmen Bianco

Pavé Wall Dolmen Corda

Pavé Wall Dolmen Fumo

Pavé Wall Dolmen Grafite

Pavé Wall Dolmen Mattone

Pavé Wall Dolmen Savana