Pavé Wild (Prime)


The Colour Range

Examples of applications suggested

Apartments, Balconies, Bars, External public areas, External residential areas, Hotels, Offices, Porches, Public walkways, Restaurants, Shops, squares, Terraces, Verandas, Villas,

The wild stone-effect relives in Sichenia’s porcelain stoneware cobbles, designed particularly for outdoor flooring. The attention to details and compositional versatility defines this ceramics series available in four shapes in a wide range of colors – Beige, Verde, Ocra, Antracite, Grigio -, complete with decorations and special pieces.


30×60,5 (12”x24”)
30×30 (12”x12”)
15×30 (6”x12”)
15×15 (6”x6”)

    Pavé Wild Antracite

    Pavé Wild Beige

    Pavé Wild Grigio

    Pavé Wild Ocra

    Pavé Wild Verde