Pavé (Prime)


The Colour Range

Examples of applications suggested

Apartments, Balconies, Bars, External public areas, External residential areas, Hotels, Offices, Porches, Public walkways, Restaurants, Shops, squares, Terraces, Verandas, Villas,

The first, historical series of the prestigious Pavé line by Sichenia defines, in its texture, the stone-effect porcelain stoneware features designed to make outdoor environments attractive and functional. The three traditional shapes of the ceramic tiles collection are available in a wide range of modern colors: Bianco-Antico, Cotto, Grigio, Rosa, Pink, Verde-Alpi, allowing multiple and original installation solutions.


30×30 (12”x12”)
15×30 (6”x12”)
15×15 (6”x6”)

    Pavé Bianco Antico

    Pavé Cotto

    Pavé Grigio

    Pavé Nero

    Pavé Rosa

    Pavé Verde Alpi