The UPEC Certification

Sichenia has assigned an eight-character code to certain products, summarizing their technical characteristics and potential applications. This code corresponds to the UPEC classification, composed of the letters U, P, E, and C, each followed by a number (e.g., U4P4E3C2).

What is UPEC?

The UPEC certification is a quality mark issued by the French institute CSTB. It is a classification system that allows easy identification of the most suitable intended uses for each product and facilitates the comparison of products in terms of technical performance.

How is it Classified?

The operational logic of the UPEC system is very straightforward. Surfaces are classified based on the stresses they are expected to undergo during their normal use, in relation to four fundamental indicators:

U: Wear due to foot traffic

Indicates the level of abrasion of the surface or even the change in appearance of the surface itself.

The U index ranges from 2 (minimum stress) to 4.

P: Mechanical Stresses

Stresses from stationary or moving objects on the floor or falling onto it.

The P index ranges from a minimum of 2 (min.stress) to a maximum of 4.

E: Water

Indicates the presence of water on the floor, particularly in relation to the cleaning system.

Ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3.

C: Chemicals

Indicates the possibility and intensity of presence of chemicals that can attack the flooring and leave permanent stains.

Which Sichenia Products are Certified?

The high indices obtained based on the high resistance of Sichenia floors recognize their suitability as top-choice products for residential and commercial use.

To check the updated list of UPEC certificates for Sichenia collections, visit the CSTB website.

Confirming the high technical characteristics of the 60x60cm format with thicknesses of 10mm and 14mm, CSTB has certified the following products as U4 P4+ E3 C2.


Ash – 14mm


Greige – 14mm


Dark – 14mm


Grey – 14mm


Taupe – 14mm


Beige – 10mm


Bianco – 10mm


Oro – 10mm


Grigio – 10mm