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Sichenia products, by their very nature and by virtue of advanced production processes, satisfy the quality requests set out by operators and designers who pay considerable attention to users’ needs which are demanding, and rightly so, with regard to concepts such as safety and hygienic comfort:

Sichenia surfaces do not transfer or disperse toxic materials into the environment in the operating conditions they are subjected to, both as flooring and as coating.
As a result, washing them with water and detergents does not generate water metal contamination processes while respecting the protection of water bodies where such water can be released;

Sichenia surfaces are completely inert with respect to the contamination and proliferation of micro-organisms.
Removal of dirt from the surfaces that could harbor bacteria is extremely easy and quite effective; furthermore, floors and coverings present “rot-proofing” features in all conditions of use;

Sichenia surfaces do not fear fire: they’re incombustible, as a result they don’t  burn nor are they significantly damaged during a fire. Since they do not contribute in any way to flames, they do not develop nor emit toxic substances, gases or vapors of any nature and, in case of fire, they do not involve any specific risk attributable to their behavior in such conditions.
Rather, as demonstrated experimentally, in case of fire they exert a good protective function of the structures where they are applied, significantly reducing their thermal stresses.