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Sichenia is an extremely high-quality ceramic product. It’s “mass-colored” porcelain stoneware that is enhanced by a cutting edge manufacturing process which is scrupulously checked throughout all its phases; starting with the wet grinding of raw materials, properly dosed, in large mills where the particular fineness of the “slip” obtained (perfect homogeneous aqueous suspension) is the result of a rigorous selection of raw materials and the lengthy grinding time (11 hours). It is during this phase, and the result of the reduced size of the particles obtained, that the superior chemical/physical characteristics are determined. Features which give Sichenia products their robustness and versatility.

The extremely fine powders with controlled moisture and form, obtained through an “atomization” process, are treated with an injection of colored ceramic pigments immediately before being dried. Large electronically controlled hydraulic presses, capable of enormous pressing forces (over 400 Kg/ cm2), then give shape to the colored mixtures that are blended in order to reproduce, both in surface and in depth, the chromatic variations that are typical of natural products. The raw tiles are then fired in “rapid rolling” kilns at a temperature of 1,230° C, where the “vitrification” process is carried out. This process is the origin of their incredible compactness and resistance qualities.