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Cersaie 2021 – Art Aptitude

December 7, 2021

During Cersaie 2021, Sichenia changes its look thanks to an ambitious, fresh and colorful project.
The new project, formed by the stylists Micole Cerani and Claudia Carpenito , comes to life in pavilion 29 of the Bologna fair and confirms the company’s desire to be present at the most important exhibition of the sector in Italy and in the world.

Within the space of the Sichenia brand, we can admire 4 rooms , each with its own story and full of ideas according to contemporary trends.

The first room represents the materiality of the Sichenia’s collections.
It represents the world of clays, where the primordial and powerful raw material is created.
It binds us to that feeling of belonging to the planet earth and inspires sensations of touch and warmth.
The colors of the refractory earths, with the 94_Evo (coming soon) and Art By Sichenia collections create a set of shared harmony , community values ​​and love for the land.

The second room Invites to lightness .
We take flight between fresh and light blue shades, between petals and feathers moved by a light breeze.
The AIR element inspired the paper sculptures that enrich the concepts of positivity, connection and a play of light.

The room n. 3 proposes essentiality and reflections .
Two concepts that combine with the beauty of Marmi Sichenia. Mus_art and Mus_eum are full structures , they can communicate so much thanks to their compactness, brightness and decorativeness.
Marble doesn’t need anything else to communicate its nature. We enhanced it by showing it also through the voids of the iron sculptures, created by Giuliano C.E. Giancotti and through the reflections of the mirrors.
Only in this way it can express itself fully, leaving its the whole stage.

Room 4 conveys the poetry of wood told by chromatic transparencies.
Tronçais and Sher_Wood (coming soon) series have been combined with the colored light of contemporaneity through the matching with materials such as the lightened cements and the transparencies of the plexi. Daily rhythm, values ​​of collective commitment and shared joy.

Many of you have come to visit us to discover our latest news live: our thanks go to all our visitors.

While waiting for the next Cersaie edition, we invite you to relive our most beautiful moments and all the spaces of our stand through this short gallery photo.