Sichenia @ Cersaie 2023

On the occasion of Cersaie 2023, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings, Sichenia’s booth is renewed with new spaces and collections.

Opening the doors of the booth is the P_arkett series, which narrates the journey of Sichenia’s Creative Laboratory from the search for the most natural wood essences in Austria to the development of a range of elegant, contemporary products with bright and vibrant colors.

The collection stands out for its dual finish: Satin and Soft Grip. The former imparts a reflective appearance, reminiscent of the oiled wood effect. The Soft-Grip technology keeps the surfaces soft to the touch while providing high technical performance for slip resistance.

In addition to P_arkett, there is a preview of 2024: Prestige, a new interpretation of marble, extremely elegant and featuring innovative 3D technology.

From wood, we move on to a project that gathers various material inspirations. Glam Project is born from the desire to have flooring and wall covering materials that can be easily matched with each other and capable of creating aesthetic solutions for all spaces.

The color, modulated across different tones and materials, intensifies the contrasts and, together with them, gives life to a world where tradition merges with modernity.

Con_crete & Art by Sichenia

The third room is a celebration of the essential lines of concrete and wall decorations. In this area, we wanted to celebrate the evolution of the urban look, enriched by suggestive textures reminiscent of nature, a blend where elegance and modernity coexist in perfect harmony.

Particular importance has been given to the Atocha decoration, a three-dimensional wall covering that becomes a decorative element, elegant and capable of conveying style and design in every space. The reliefs lend themselves to suggestive plays of light, creating sophisticated atmospheres.

The heart of the booth is represented by Pavè delle Alpi, a modern reinterpretation of Pavè that has represented Sichenia in the world for 30 years.

This collection draws inspiration from the intense variability of sought-after stones and offers versatile solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

With this collection, Sichenia introduces an important technological innovation: Stucco Facile. It’s an innovative system that allows for the creation of surfaces where the individual tile module becomes invisible after installation. In the Pavé delle Alpi wall, the pebbles come in various sizes and shapes, creating the effect of a real stone wall.