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October 5, 2019

From the 23st to the 27th of September, Bologna, housed one of the biggest events in the ceramics and more.

“Let’s open a new era” is the motto of this Cersaie edition, the same philosophy that Sichenia shows in her new ceramics projects. Those projects are unique and sophisticated, tradition-bound but also innovative and able to offer great technical performance.

Sichenia decides to play with new shapes, fusion of materials, colours and decorations. Metal is the main material of Me_Tra, the star of the exhibition. The fusion between cement and metal inspires this new ceramic project with peculiar and attractive features. The surfaces are smooth and unique thanks to charming combination between reflection and opacity, they look like polished by atmospheric agents. It can be used in extremely elegant settings, also It can be used in casual location when combined with Me_Tal.

The natural elegance of the stone, relives in St_One: a project with strong personality and flexibility. This year, St_One is enriched with new original shapes, that are differents from what we are used to see. This is a collection for walls and floors, dedicated for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its strengths is the perfect combination between modern style, versatility and high performance.

At the same time, Sicenia decide to use the new “Pentagonal” shapes also with Silvis. The wood and its natural shades, are the muse and lend to ceramics beauty and hight performance.

Sichenia wants to join the 2020 with more attention to outdoor settings, in fact Chateaux and St_One have both the multi-format. The 60×90 is the master and with its additional sizes 30×60 and 60×60 makes the ambient more attractive and elegant. This is a complete project but it is easy to deal with because the modul comes pre-assembled.